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研究认为,薄弱的认知技能是造成学习障碍如诵读困难和缓慢的学习。重要的技能,如集中,感知,记忆和逻辑思维不如其他正常人,使阅读,写作和思维更加困难。然而,这种弱点可以通过具体的培训和测试来提高。Mel Levine(2008)解释说,小鹰霍克在北卡罗莱纳州的小学是如何暗示使用不同的认知能力的学生可以学习的神经发育概况的学校协调计划,在美国州。Lisa Galleli在基蒂霍克老师介绍了她的一个学生管理计划“他拼写和写作有明显的书写的弱点。但他真的闪耀在他的社交技巧,使世界上的所有差异。他也擅长数学和解决问题。我们用他的力量使他在解决写作问题时保持了动力,“结果证明克服弱点不是不可能的。
Research by LearningRX(2006) argue that weak cognitive skills are the cause of learning disabilities such as dyslexia and slow learning. Important skills such as concentration, perception, memories and logical thinking are not as good as other normal people which make reading, writing, and thinking more difficult. However, this weakness can be improved through specific training and testing. Mel Levine (2008) explain that how Kitty Hawk Elementary School in North Carolina America had implied School Attuned Program using the Neurodevelopmental Profiles where all students with different cognitive skills can learn. Lisa Galleli, a teacher at Kitty Hawk describes her management plan for one such students as "He had significant graphomotor weaknesses with spelling and writing. But he really shined in his social skills and that made all the difference in the world. He was also good at math and problem solving. We use his strength who keep him motivated with success while tackling his writing problem." The result had proved that it is not impossible to overcome the weakness.
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