Econmics essay help:商业组织

2017-01-06 21:19

The orientation of the business organization may be regarded as the basic philosophy that will guide the basic marketing approach of the business organization. Essentially, Joe Bert's Car Wash could use different business orientation. For example, Joe Bert's Car Wash may have a production orientation where the basic philosophy of the business organization could be to have different convenient location at the nearby places and offer consumer the lowest possible prices (Evans & Berman, 2007). In addition, Joe Bert's Car Wash could also have a product orientation where the major focus of the business organization could be to come up with different services each one tailored to different customers that the organization have. In addition, the organization may also use the sales orientation where the basic concern of the management will be to increase the sales of the car wash services without having any concern for the satisfaction of customer's needs and wants (Stanton et al., 2005).
The fourth solution that the business organization could use is to appropriately identify the customer's needs and wants and then tailor its different marketing mixes (7 Ps of marketing) to satisfy such needs and wants (Knnear et al., 2008). The last alternative at the disposal of Joe Bert's Car Wash is the societal marketing approach where the organization will use the marketing approach discussed earlier, however combined that with the corporate social responsibility (Evans & Berman, 2007). Rather than just working to ensure the satisfaction of customer's needs and wants, and meeting the owner's profit maximization objective, while using the societal marketing orientation, Joe Bert's Car Wash will be required to meet the demands of different stakeholders (Kotler & Armstrong, 2004). 

Econmics essay help 商业组织