Education Essay 代写:学生购买因为

2016-12-13 08:01

Education Essay 论文代写:学生购买因为

作为学生,我们研究产品的市场营销和通信程序,了解购买货物和服务的过程中消费者和刺激之间的相互作用。 评估旨在进一步研究进行批判性分析,消费者的购买行为。 这个作业让学生展示他们运用理论知识分析现实生活中的情况能力。这种方法的目的是弥合课堂学习,自学和“现实世界”之间的差距。


这一评估问你比较消费产品,包括两种不同的类型:一个金融产品(如保险、家庭或个人贷款或储蓄帐户为例)和一个方便的产品(如超市项目像一盒早餐麦片;个人化妆产品或其他食品项目为例)。 找到对于这些产品的广告(研究杂志、目录或在互联网上,包括在你的任务广告份附录)。 我建议你找到你目前使用的银行和便利的产品,你经常购买你会有更多的个人知识,这些产品的广告,广告。

Education Essay 论文代写:学生购买因为

As students of marketing we examine products, markets and communication programs to understand the interplay between consumers and stimuli in the process of purchasing goods and services.  This assessment aims to further that study by critically analysing consumer buying behaviour.  This assignment allows students to demonstrate their ability to apply theoretical knowledge when analysing a ‘real life’ situation. This method aims to bridge the gap between classroom learning, self-study and the ‘real world’.
The purpose of this mini-project is to increase your understanding of the process of market research and its application in understanding consumer loyalty to brands.
This assessment asks you to compare two different types of consumer products including: a banking product (such as insurance, a home or personal loan or a savings account for example) and a convenience product (such as a supermarket item like a box of breakfast cereal; personal toiletry product or other grocery item for example).  Find an advertisement for each of these products (examine magazines, catalogues or on the Internet and include copies of the advertisements in your assignment as Appendices).  I suggest that you find an ad for the bank you currently use and an ad for a convenience product that you regularly purchase as you will have more personal knowledge of these products.