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2017-02-23 13:03

Representing the Margin is about the representation of socio cultural margins in Indian fictions, written in various Indian languages including English. The main agenda concerned in such novels are of caste and gender issues which was a prominent subject of the post and pre-independence era . The concept of marginalization means ‘to make somebody feel as they are not important and cannot influence decisions or events; or to put somebody in a powerless position’.

The very opening of the story is that Sanichari be treated as a commodity and thrown away as soon as her commodified existence becomes useless to the males in her life.

The tragic fate of tribal girls like Sanichari is clearly presented by Mahasweta Devi in this short story. The Indian paramilitary forces sought to subjugate the tribal people by burning their huts, by looting their possessions and killing them, and by gang raping their women.

Mahasweta Devi discriminates between the civilized ordinary reader, reading a short story about the condition of the exploited tribal sitting in his or her comfortable hearth and home, and the condition of the “Ho-Oraon-Mundra girls”.

When someone died in a malik mahajan household, the amount of money spent on the death ceremonies immediately raised the prestige of the family. The status of the Rudalis also rose.

English Literature Essay代写:example

"We can offer worship to shiva as well. after all we've managed to save up sever rupees!" (Devi.73).

Such is the degrading conditions in which the low caste woman is destined to live. And such women are termed as a separate caste. A caste of low caste “whore” women. It is the women who are ruined by the Malik Mahajans who turn them into whores.

"The Malik-Mahajan demands honor even when he is a corpse" (Devi.91)

But Sanichari rises to the occasion and seizes the opportunity by making it an act of revenge and expression of historical opposition .Sanichari thought that perhaps her tears had been reserved for the time when she would have to feed herself by selling them.

It can also be identified as an predictable part of the advancement of the cultural politics of dissent and difference from the historically marginalized people of India. It can be justly termed as representation the culturalpolitics.

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