Film Studies Essay 代写:研究YOUTUBE

2017-01-12 05:50

Till today, there is not an exact answer for the popularity of YouTube among internet users(Lindgren, 2012, 279-298). As a matter of fact, people cannot ignore there is a relationship deep-rooted between YouTube and culture. As is known, YouTube is a web site founded in the United States, where people are inclined to create things by themselves and to make the online contacts with those unknown people. Therefore, it determines the development of YouTube in the United States, and even in the world. Americans tend to shoot some activities or create a video to mark their own life. In addition, they are also willing to share their own information or interesting things with some strangers on the internet. It is actually a way to communicate one’s culture with others, since different people have different views on the videos they’ve watched. On the basis of the flow of cyber citizens, people can make it clear that most of popular videos focus on some professional videos, such as the movies of television station, the professional TV plays and TV shows or cartoons.                      
With the development of YouTube in the global market, more and more people pay attention to the prosperity of visual culture in the world, since such a web site is founded in the United States and propagated to other countries as a new-type platform to share one’s stories in the videos with thousands of unknown people from different countries(Pace, 2008, 213-226). In 2008, YouTube was honored with Peabody Award of the current year and entitled as a corner of speakers, since YouTube seemed like a widening bulletin board to give users a chance to upload, watch and share their videos through the skills of website. It is actually a way to enable the internet users to publish their information rather than traditionally receive information. To tell the truth, the development of YouTube is to refer to the progress of the spirit of democracy in the world. In other words, the popularity of YouTube seems like an Internet revolution, where internet users change into information publishers and people’s attention shifts from television to computer. YouTube serves as a platform to spread one’s culture in the global market so that Internet videos make a great impact on today’s society. Take The Bus Uncle on YouTube as an example. At first, it was just a video shared by an Internet user who aimed to share his life experience with other strangers in the Internet. However, after his video appeared on the Internet, the short film of the bus uncle soon set off a wave of movie creation. What’s more, the dialogue in the video was even popular among the public. As for this video’s social impact and cultural impact, there are kinds of debates. To an extent, it is a video of social life which is to reflect the urban pressure through the ordinary dialogue between the bus uncle and his quarreler. It is also a video of cultural phenomenon which is to make an introspection of those on-looking Hong Kong people. Because of the timeliness, universality and involvement of Internet, the video is popular. It cannot be ignored that the whole process of bus uncle is created by the unawareness of cyber citizens who finally become the information providers for the world. As a result, this video is actually a mark of life experience rather than a work of art, although people can be able to read much more through this small video. 

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