Management Essay 代写 管理者和领导者

2017-01-11 07:17

Over these years, lack of appreciation on the part of managers and leaders of the importance of cultures and effective human relation has been progressively replaced by a deeper understanding of the values that insight into culture can bring. And nowadays, as for the changing business environment, the cross cultural concept and skill are key competencies for all whose work is conducted within highly diverse or complex global environment
Culture is defined as a set of norms, values, system, policies and procedures through an organization. In the Globalization background, cross culture has a wide meaning, and it is the shrinking of the world market which involves political and economic linkage, the integration of money, goods and services and people across the national boarders together with ideas and values. Besides, with the ubiquity of ambiguity, uncertainty and unpredictability, it brings threats and opportunity.
The speed and scope of changes provide the need to be globally integrated and locally responsive at the same time, the need to develop new management style that is capable of transferring knowledge and learning throughout the world. Certainly, it also includes networking and Information democratization.

Management Essay 代写 管理者和领导者