2017-02-19 14:45

It is how to make consumer become aware of the brand and maintain message in their memories. The advertising needs to lead the consumers to a positive brands image (Maxwell 1997). The company should consider which kind of strategy should be promoted. In this strategy would relate to public relation, advertising, sales promotion. The advertising could be done through various channels such as television, magazines, billboards, motor show, websites, etc. With the increasing of internet user, advertise or provide information through online is the important marketing strategy. The target consumers should be informed when the product is on the market and they should feel that it is the price is reasonable and worth to buy. The information should be sent through consumers in order to increase consumer confidence and intention in purchasing the products and reduce risk for consumers (Raju 1995). The promoting style is also depends on consumers evaluating the brands; on attribute brand evaluation, the advertising should promote about the product characteristics, on category based evaluation, the advertising should promote on image and symbols. Saab developed the advertisement strategies both on feelings and attribute, by the first page of advertisement provide the information about product attributes and the second page showed stunning car’s picture (Pappu 2007). From one research, Australian tends to be left brain oriented while Japanese tends to be right brain oriented, so advertise for Japanese tended to be more involve with emotional but for Australian tended to involve with information and based on fact (Raju 1995). It is important to find the determinant buying attitude. Determinant attitude means “Attitude toward features which are most closely related to preference or to actual purchase decisions”. For example if consumers believe that the safety of automobile for the brand has no difference to other competitors, promoting in the real determinant characteristic (for example, style, design, etc.) might be better (Myers and Alpert 1986). Advertising and promotion did not play much important role in the complex decision making product; it is much likely that advertising is just the way to inform information to specific target groups. Furthermore, it is important to focus more on strategy in relationship marketing by maintaining relationship market both before and after purchasing. Before purchasing, company could develop or customize website to suit with consumers’ needs or then provide the opportunity for consumer choose their own design or specification. Also after purchasing, company should maintain good relationship by maintain their interest in the company and products. With the increasing of internet, sending email and using interactive device is very efficient in maintaining specific relationship with each consumer, communication between company and consumer is one of the important factors in maintaining good relationship and it is the way to built up consumer’s loyalty. The advantage is the cost for sending information is cheaper than direct mail sending. (Don and Martha 1995). For car industry, company could provide the chat room or forums on their website to make consumers be able to involve or be able to share their common interests with their cars. The objectives of this study are; to have an understanding about Australian consumer’s attitude in purchasing a Holden’s automobile, at the same time could be able to test whether or not those consumers tend to have different attitude in car purchasing decisions based on different consumers demographic (gender, age) and socio-economic factors (income, education, marital status); and finally to determine whether or not the four Ps of Marketing mix (which consist of product factor, price factor, place fact and distribution factor) play an important role in influence Holden car purchasing decision.