2017-01-18 11:11

本质上,当一个团队形成时,它会经历不同的阶段.。团队成员和团队成员的不同阶段和行为各不相同。团队发展阶段研究的基础上,通过Tuckman和延森进行的,(1977)确定一组或团队的生命周期可分为五个不同的阶段。使用Tuckman &延森(1977)对团队发展过程的方法,第一阶段通过该集团已经形成了专业实践中人力资源管理是形成阶段当群成员的选择。



Essentially when a group of a team is formed it goes through different stages. The different stages and the behavior of the members of the group as well as the team or group members vary from stage to stage. The team development stages are based on the research carried out by Tuckman & Jensen, (1977) who identified that a group or team lifecycle could be grouped into five different stages. Using the Tuckman & Jensen (1977) approach towards the team development process, the first stage through which the group that has been formed for Professional Practice in HRM was the forming stage when the members of the group were selected.
The forming stage was critical due to the fact that the stage provides the foundation for the relationship between the members of the group and the different tasks that each member of the group will perform in the group or team. In this stage each member of the group were guarded in their interactions as they were not sure about their role and the expectations from other members of the group (Lencoino, 2004). Essentially, at this stage Sahra was selected as the group leader who will provide the leadership to all the members of the group. During the stage different members of the group try to introduce their-self in the group and what different qualities and characteristics they possessed that could add towards the accomplishment of the group's goals (Brett et al., 2006). The leader of the group played a very positive role during this stage as she encourage different members of the group to established sound communication channels and build rapport between the different members of the group (MindTools, 2010).