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苹果(aapl . o:行情),形成1976年史蒂夫•乔布斯和史蒂夫的开拓性的努力Woznaik现在是一个著名球员的个人电脑和消费电子行业杰出本身基础上无比的优质产品(苹果,2010)。公司,虽然不是一个领导者在任何行业,然而一直享受在这些行业增长最快的份额。历史上苹果的操作仅限于计算机硬件和软件,但是在21世纪的企业,该公司的联合创始人开始多样化,不仅创造了一些新行,公司的产品已经击败了所有以前的记录成功发射,还提供一个公司的收入的主要来源(苹果,2011)。音乐产业的多元化是苹果的第一步一个新行业组织的成功打开了新视野(苹果,2011)。

在市场通过iTunes非凡的成功之后,公司的名字给营销在线音乐和视频的方式,该公司开始考虑到音乐和通信行业。其次是在2002年推出iPod和iTunes音乐商店,2003年第三代iPod(苹果,2010)。成功的产品更新继续和公司在2004年推出iPod最小的五个不同颜色为iTunes探索新市场,现在扩展到英国,法国,日本和德国,并在2005年推出iPod shuffle。2007年公司完成新里程碑的iPhone而iTunes品牌成为第一品牌在美国企业,通过沃尔玛。介绍该组织后持续修改版本的基本个人音乐产品,智能手机和个人电脑行业(苹果,2011)。




Apple Inc that came into being 1976 through the pioneering efforts of Steve Jobs and Steve Woznaik is now a renowned player in the personal computer and consumer electronics industry that has distinguished itself on the basis matchless quality products (Apple, 2010). The firm, although not a leader in any of the industry, however has been enjoying the fastest growing share in these industries.  Historically the operation of Apple was limited to computer hardware and software, however at the turn of the 21st century the ex-CEO and co-founder of the firm started diversification that not only created some new lines where the product of the firm has beat all the previous records of successful launching but also provide a dominant source of firm's revenue (Apple, 2011). The diversification in the music industry which was Apple's first step in a new industry opens new horizon of success for the organization (Apple, 2011).
After remarkable success in the market through the iTunes, the name that the firm has given to marketing music and videos in the online manner, the firm starts considering the music and communication industry. This was followed by the introduction of iPod in 2002, and iTunes Music Stores and third generation iPod in 2003 (Apple, 2010). The successful product updating continue and the firm introduced iPod minim in five different colors in 2004 while explored new markets for iTunes that were now extended to UK, France Japan, and Germany, and introduction of iPod shuffle in 2005. In 2007 the company accomplished new milestones with the introduction of iPhone while the iTunes brand became the No. 1 brand in the corporate America, passing Wal-Mart. After this the organization is introducing consistently modified versions of its basic product offerings in the personal music, smartphone and personal computer industries (Apple, 2011).  
Although, the success of the organization could be attributed to the exceptional R&D of the firm, the fact is that the consistency to the performance of the firm has been added by the exceptional strategic management process that the organization has been following. The firm has been using its strategic process to better utilize its core strengths in outclassing its competition and capitalizing market opportunities, minimizing the impact of threats and overcoming its different weaknesses (Evans & Berman, 2005). Essentially Apple has been using the premium product and premium pricing strategies that have enabled the firm to reap the benefits in the form of exceptional profitability, revenue and market share. This is evident from the fact that Apple has experienced remarkable growth in the stock market performance and the share prices of the firm during has now experienced a growth of 2300%, which could be associated to the successful new product innovation of the firm (Kingsley-Hughes, 2010).
The positioning strategies that the firm is using is based on the Porter's five forces analysis and the firm has been occupying a position in the market that has not only enabled the firm to occupy the top-most position in the market in terms of its ability to offer new product innovation as well as charging premium prices for its offering, due to carefully consideration of the different factors in the market, the firm has been in position to better capitalize the market opportunities and minimize the threats that Apple has been confronted due to changes in the environmental factors (Kingsley-Hughes, 2010). The Porter's five forces analysis of Apple that serves the foundation of Apple's strategy has been carried out in the following