俄亥俄代写Essay 媒体融合

2016-12-18 10:44


基于Lawson Borders(2006)的研究,论坛公司开始在20世纪20年代的芝加哥论坛报和公司的电台之间的衔接的早期模型。结肠(2000)也发现,早在上世纪50年代,一些报纸的国有电视台和新闻共享功能。此后,对报纸媒体融合的雏形已经开始形成。Amanda Sullivan(2012)指出,印刷媒体的消亡不是真的,但它仅仅是改变。不过,她也指出,报纸不再是新闻来源的领导者,他们失去了自己的声音

俄亥俄代写Essay 媒体融合

Scholars have studied media convergence since the introduction of satellite communications in the 1970’s(Carrey,2009). Different authors have defined the term in different ways. Jenkins(2006) anatomizes media convergence into three major parts: first, the flow of media content across multiple media platforms; second, the cooperation between multiple industries; and third, the migratory behaviour of media audience who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want.
Based on Lawson-Borders’s(2006) research, Tribune Company started its early model of convergence between the Chicago Tribune and the company’s radio station in the 1920s. Colon(2000) also finds, back in the 1950s, some newspapers owned television stations and shared news functions. Since then, the rudiment of media convergence of newspaper has been starting form. Amanda Sullivan(2012) pointed that it’s not true that print media is dying,but it’s merely transforming. However, she also pointed that newspapers are not longer the leader source for breaking news and they have lost their voice.