2017-06-25 17:21

Most of the country's national laws on education are not adhered to. For instance, the primary education is said to be compulsory in accordance to the laws but there are several number of children who have not joined school especially in the pastoralists' communities. There has never been any case of a parent or a guardian who has been prosecuted because of the failure to send his or her children to primary school. Also, in accordance to the laws, each class of students in primary and secondary schools should not comprise of more than forty students. This law has been overlooked in many schools and no punitive measures which have been undertaken on the culprits. As a result of the negligence of the educational laws, the quality of education especially in the public schools has been greatly affected and most parents prefer enrolling their children in private schools. The 8-4-4 system has actually been considered to have failed to meet the international high standards of education because of the failure to abide to the set educational laws. The government should ensure that strict punitive measures are put in place to the offenders of these laws if this system is to succeed at all (Eshiwani, 1993).Besides the teacher shortage in most of the schools, the 8-4-4 system has also been criticized due to the heavy workload imposed on students and teachers as well. This has resulted to a high number of students dropping out of school with others resorting to drugs. The students who manage to go through the whole system are eligible to seek employment in the formal sector either in the public or the private sector. The government offers limited number of employment opportunities and thus many graduates end up been absorbed by private companies. However, the rising number of people graduating from colleges and universities has led to unemployment- ness. This is quite unfortunate as it discourages students from working hard because they have low hopes of securing employment upon completion of their studies. On the other hand, graduates are unable to practice self-employment due to financial constraints
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