伯克利代写Essay 坚实的概念

2016-12-23 12:05

值得首先有一个坚实的概念,什么是领导(穆林斯,2004)。根据J.A. William,三藩的前首席执行官基于紧称领导为“重力;你知道它的存在,你知道它的存在,但你是如何定义的?”(休格曼,2002)。本尼斯(1994)则更进一步指出,“在某种程度上,领导是喜欢美女,很难去定义但你知道当你看到它”。


伯克利代写Essay 坚实的概念

worthwhile to first have a solid concept regarding what the leadership is (Mullins, 2004). According J.A. William, the Ex-CEO of San Francisco based Tight End called leadership as  “gravity; you know it's there, you know it exists, but how do you define it?" (Sugarman, 2002). Bennis (1994) has gone a step further by pointing out that “to an extent, leadership is like beauty, it’s hard to define but you know it when you see it”.
However, most of the management theorist have exerted that leadership involves some sorts of influence over other to accomplish the organization's long-term goals and objectives. For example, Johns et al (2005) has defined leadership as "the influence that particular individuals exert on the goal achievement of others in an organizational context", while Robbins et al (2006) has defined leader as “someone who can influence others and who has managerial authority”.  This means that the leadership role within an organization is critical due to the fact that during the time when the organization passes through recession sound leadership give new direction to business organization by injecting fresh blood and working towards reversing the declining trends by adopting new strategies. On the other hand, when the organization is passing through a period that is characterized by rapid innovation the role of leadership is critical due to the fact that member of the organization are distracted from the core on which they are working (Hazra, 2002).