2017-03-03 16:19

软件公司收购失败–在拟议的收购和产品软件以至于预测一个巨大的错误,因为收购的努力不得不放弃。虽然Charles Cain是众所周知的,这项交易没有造成损害的公司,至少没有什么方面的金钱损失;时间和精力,这是一个定性属性的金额已花费在非生产性的方式是管理不善的例子。 库存包装-虽然该公司的过程中规定的包装材料的包装生产线的包装生产,用完塑料配件的包装材料是管理不善的情况再次。没有发生任何损失也是产品管理不善。库存库存和法规应防止这些事件的发生。在这种情况下,超过十二个月的库存已被列入物理计数的情况下,研究表明。库存管理是生产设施,如snibbo金属紧固件,很大程度上取决于装配的关键,工艺及其材料的包装。 方法在订购包装股票-该方法用于订购股票的包装是相当不寻常的,因为它考虑到货币价值的包装要订购,但不是等级和需求的等级包装订购。这意味着管理不善,因为一个特定的等级可能仍然耗尽了库存,而另一个可能是在大量库存。包装材料的需求应根据不同等级的订单量而不是假设所有等级的包装同时使用。


Software company takeover failure – There was a huge miscalculation in the prediction of the proposed takeover bid for Plus Product Software so much so that, the efforts for the takeover had to be abandoned. And while Charles Cain is known to say that, this transaction incurred no harm to the company, at least nothing in terms of monetary loss; the amount of time and energy that is a qualitative attribute had been spent in an unproductive manner is an example of mismanagement.
Out of Stock Packaging – While the processes of the company makes provisions for the stocking of packing material for the packaging section of the production line, running out of packaging material from Plastics Fittings is a case of mismanagement again. Dismissing the incidence as a no loss one is also a product of mismanagement. Inventory stock and regulations should prevent these occurrences from happening. It was indicated in the case that inventory that was listed has been physically counted over twelve months prior to this case study. Management of inventory is crucial for a production facility such as Snibbo Metal Fasteners which largely depends on assembly, process and packing of its materials.
Method in the Ordering of Packaging Stock – The method used to order stock of packaging is rather unusual as it takes into account the monetary value of the packaging to be ordered but not the grade and demand for the grade of packaging ordered. This signifies mismanagement as a particular grade may still run out of stock, while another may be in abundance stock. The demand for packaging material should be based upon number of orders based on different grades and not assume that all grade packaging be used simultaneously.